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Extrait de stévia 90% Poudre

1504 reviews
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Qu'est-ce que Stevia?

Stevia est une plante dont les feuilles sont couramment utilisées pour produire un édulcorant sans calories. Stevia contient des composés qui sont 30-150 fois la douceur du sucre et peuvent avoir un arrière-goût réglisse-like lorsqu'il est pris en grandes quantités.   


La stévia est une excellente alternative au sucre et est dérivée des feuilles de la plante Stevia. En outre, il favorise la santé cardiovasculaire, la santé dentaire, la santé de la peau, et peut aider à soutenir les os. 

  • Aucun édulcorant calorique
  • Naturel
  • Soutient la santé cardiovasculaire
  • Favorise la santé dentaire
  • Contribue à une peau saine
  • Aide à fortifier les os


Ces déclarations n'ont pas été évaluées par la Food and Drug Administration. Ce produit n'est pas destiné à diagnostiquer, traiter, guérir ou prévenir une maladie.

Supplément faits
Supplément faits
Taille de portion : 40 milligrammes
Servir par conteneur :
Montant par portion % de valeur quotidienne
Extrait de stévia... 40 mg *
... Steviol glycosides 38mg *
... Rebaudiosides 22mg *
Valeur quotidienne non établie.
- Basé sur un régime calorique de 2 000 calories


Sucre, soja, produits laitiers, levure, maïs, gluten et additifs

Comme un édulcorant complément alimentaire, prendre 40mg ou autant que désiré.

Dosage et effets secondaires 
Taille de service et chronométrage

Comme complément alimentaire et édulcorant, utiliser comme désiré. La stévia est environ 300 fois plus sucrée que le sucre ordinaire; la quantité typique recommandée est de 40 mg. Utilisez une échelle milligramme pour mesurer.


Consultez toujours un médecin avant de prendre un complément alimentaire. Un léger inconfort gastro-intestinal et une diminution de l'appétit peuvent se produire. Toute personne souffrant de ballonnements ou de nausées devrait diminuer son apport et parler à un médecin si les symptômes s'aggravent. Une réaction allergique à la stévia peut induire des symptômes d'essoufflement, d'urticaire, de difficulté à avaler et de vertiges.


Il n'y a aucune garantie de résultats spécifiques et les résultats peuvent varier.

Ces déclarations n'ont pas été évaluées par la Food and Drug Administration. Ce produit n'est pas destiné à diagnostiquer, traiter, guérir ou prévenir une maladie.

Résidents de la Californie: Cliquez iciPour Proposition 65Avertissement.

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Gregg C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Consistently excellent quality

Easy ording, fast delivery, and consistently excellent product quality!

Penny C.
United States United States
Great Taste and Price

This is the second time ordering the product always get the 2 pound package I like the price and taste. When I run low I will come back an order again.

Ron E.
United States United States
Very pleased!! Saved 75% over store bought liquid.

Actually I'm being conservative. In my case it was closer to 90% savings. I'm very pleased with this product. I had been using KAL stevia liquid. The recipe I arrived at doesn't taste exactly the same as KAL, but then I've discovered that there are tiny differences in taste from pouch to pouch of this powder too. The main negative thing most people notice with some stevia products is a bitterness, or aftertaste, and if you REALLY overuse this, it can produce a slight bitterness. Just being aware of that has made this a complete non issue for me. I use it all the time and don't have any problem. I tried a small pouch first to experiment. Now I buy by the kilo. Here's the recipe I arrived at. I experimented around before I settled on this. It's pretty close to the strength of the KAL liquid I was using. Maybe try a scaled down amount to see if it suits you. Powder volume: 1 Kilogram = approx 8 1/2 cups powder I use 1 cup powder with 16 oz of distilled or purified water. I suggest avoiding tap water altogether. One Kilo/powder with 4 quarts of water should yield approx 160 oz, (or 20 8oz bottles) At approx $45 a kilo, an 8oz bottle costs $2.25! Notes on mixing and using: As a powder, it can be sprinkled in coffee or tea, but I found it was hard to measure accurately, and it takes a fair amount of stirring. So I decided to convert to liquid form. The powder not mix thoroughly right away. A substantial amount will linger as a thick paste-like glob, but the answer is to give it time to dissolve on its own. After the initial stir, leave it be for about 1/2 hour and it will be much more mixed in. Stir again and wait again. A few more cycles and it will have all dissolved. It will have an amber color. I've only mixed with room temperature water. Hot would probably work more quickly but it's not necessary. And because heat might have other consequences I use room temp water. Storing for months in refrigerator is not a problem. Lastly, the dropper bottle can accumulate a sticky white residue around the screw-on top. It can be annoying to have to keep cleaning it. A very slight amount of olive oil rubbed around the treads on the top of the bottle greatly reduces this problem.

scott h.
United States United States
The taste of clean sweetness

This is my definite go to for Stevia Extract. Some people complain about the stevia aftertaste, but I've never had that problem. I use this stevia extract in all my smoothies...Luv it.

Diana M.
United States United States
Bulk Supplements Stevia

They were fast to ship my request. Put only a pinch of stevia in a 20 ounce container of herb tea. Taste great. I had previously purchased a measuring spoon set that has pinch, tad, etc in the set from Amazon. Only a pinch is needed. To much and it becomes not a good taste. A pinch is perfect sweet good tasting. Would recommend buying this. Also I am moving the bulk from the bag sent in, to glass containers. I use glass. This is a great stevia.

Jerry H.
United States United States
This Stevia is good

I just got it today, but have already tried it and like it. Would highly recommend (and have already to others).